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Sunman Farm

What a trip this was. I have traveled throughout New England, across Europe, to the west coast, to the south coast, but this was completely different. It began with a quick flight from TF Green in Providence to Chicago and then Indianapolis. We met a friend for lunch and then were picked up by my beau's parents. Did I mention this was my first time meeting them? If they didn't like me they probably could have fed me to the coyotes (and if I...

Coggeshall Farm Museum

When it's so cold that you need to wear socks inside your boots, a sweater under your coat, and fur-lined gloves even though your hands are already stuffed inside your pockets, it can take a lot to justify going outside. Work pays, garbage smells and sometimes it's good to check the mail. That's about it. During my recent visit to Coggeshall Farm Museum in Bristol, Rhode Island, on a day just as cold as the one described above, I quickly...
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