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Providence Snowfall


Because what would this month’s post be without photos of snow? Although to be honest, I briefly considered posting images from last year’s trip to California. I don’t even remember what warmth feels like…

For those who live nearby or happened to see it on the news, you won’t be surprised to learn that half of these photos are from the recent Winter Storm Juno; a blizzard that dropped 19″ of snow onto the capital city and even more in regions of northern Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The other half of these photos are from another one of Rhode Island’s record-breaking storms, Nemo. Nemo fell just an inch behind Juno in its total Providence accumulation and happened two years ago exactly to the day.


Juno’s photos presented a particularly interesting challenge for me; how fast could I take the photos I needed, and do so without the help of my co-pilot? Juno’s snow fell during the work-week so while I was home, he was not. I’m also currently operating with only one camera-body for multiple camera-lenses. This means whenever I’d like to change a shot, I need to pop one lens out and change it for the other, often-times when I’m standing in the middle of a field or dirt-path, which isn’t so bad, and I usually have someone to hand things off to and talk things over with. This time, I had less than thirty minutes to my name and walked out alone wearing the wrong lens in the middle of a snowstorm. Brilliant. Fortunately, as you can see, the trip was still a success, but not without a slap to the forehead first.

IMG_2466-copyFOR-WEBNemo. Nemo was a different story. Nemo was a joyride compared to Juno. In fact, Nemo was the first time my co-pilot and I ever took pictures together. It also fell on the weekend, giving me time to meander, try different things on the camera, and find out what the world looks like from the middle of the road.


I guess you could consider it a test-run too, and clearly that worked out. Since Nemo, my co-pilot and I have taken multiple albums together, some of which have yet to be published and others that still need to be fleshed out. Here’s to hoping the next one involves white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and a whole lot of palm trees, but I digress…


Winter is a beast, a force to be reckoned with, but at times, quite beautiful. Sometimes it will keep us locked in our houses, stuck in our cars or drowning in an abominable number of layers shoveling until we can’t remember where or when we started but, it’s also the one thing that can quiet a city, decorate its branches without a single bud, and give many a rightly-deserved day to work from home, or even be completely off. Me, I was lucky. I got the photos I needed, the day I wanted, and the pilot who fit both. Now, on to the warmer weather, hopefully!

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